The finishing touches

One more day until everyone arrives and we’re putting the finishing touches on our program. We have a really jam-packed and thought-provoking set of sessions planned, covering questions like:
Dealing with a topic like development means grappling with big questions with no simple answers. The team spent the morning having spirited discussions about these issues, and can’t wait to have our bright minded participants weigh in.

In addition to classroom sessions, we have a number of community engagements planned.¬† We’re hosting this short course in Swaziland because we believe there’s so much to learn from being in this country. So we will be making the most of our time here–heading out for a day-long nature hike, visiting local NGOs, and visiting the city of Manzini.¬†Perhaps most excitingly, we’re doing 2 day community stay projects at NGOs around the country.

These include stays at:

We’re heading to Johannesburg soon to pick up our first group of participants. Starting tomorrow, the short course will truly be in full swing!