We need your help to give promising young people from around the world the opportunity to develop the skills they need to change their communities and the world. The course is entirely volunteer run, so all funds raised go directly to course costs. 


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When you give, you’re supporting incredible young change-makers acquire the skills to make a difference. People like¬†Benjamin, who was orphaned by war in Rwanda, and is passionate about uniting people and ending war. Hear directly from some of our participants here. If you prefer a PDF version of their stories, you can download copies here.


Institutionally, the course is jointly organized by Waterford Kamhlaba, the United World College of Southern Africa, and emPOWER Training, a German NGO focused on youth leadership.

Waterford is registered as a charity in eSwatini, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the US, emPOWER is a registered charity in Germany. Donors in these countries are welcome to contact us at for further details on how to apply for tax benefits.