The UWC Short Course was founded by alumni of Waterford Kamhlaba United World College of Southern Africa who wanted to extend their unique experience to other promising young people. Today, it is organized by UWC alumni and enthusiasts from around the world, including several participants of previous editions.

Team Members

Thandolwethu Shakes Dlamini Coordinator

Shakes graduated from Waterford Kamhlaba UWC in 2014, and was a facilitator for the 2017-2018 short course in eSwatini. He is currently pursuing his bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering at Duke University. Shakes is passionate about energy, the environment, and youth development.

Siyabonga Dlamini Coordinator

Siya is from Manzini, eSwatini. He studied Community Development, and currently works for a non-profit organisation that provides Sexual & Reproductive Health Services to young people. Siya was a participant of Together for Development in 2011-2012, and a coordinator for the 2017-2018 course. He is passionate about youth development, loves playing pool and traveling.

Olga Gormalova Programme Coordinator

Olga is originally from Latvia and graduated from Mahindra United World College in 2002. She holds MSc. in Development Studies from School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London. She has been living and working in Ghana for the past 5 years, and is in charge of sustainability for a international cocoa trading company. She loves traveling, learning new languages, and kitesurfing.

Nora Uhrig Finance and Fundraising

Nora is originally from Germany/Norway. She graduated from UWC of the Atlantic in 2009, went to study International Relations and Management and then International Law in Scotland. She currently works for the Equality and Human Rights Commission focusing on socio-economic issues. She loves traveling, discussing politics and recently started ice-skating.

Lisa Kasamba Participant Coordinator

Lisa was born and raised in eSwatini. She is an Applied Forensic Science and Justice Studies double major, and senior at Methodist University in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Lisa graduated from the UWC in Mostar in 2015 and facilitated the first short course in eSwatini. She enjoys dancing, volunteering, and traveling.

Antonio Carvalho Participant Coordinator

Antonio is originally from Portugal, but currently resides in the UK where he is a teacher at UWC of the Atlantic. He is an alumnus of the Latvia 1994 UWC Short Course and his an active member of the UWC movement, forming part of the Portuguese National Committee, supporting other national committees as well as leading several UWC Short Courses. When he’s not traveling or visiting family, you will find him volunteering at sports events.

Karina González Sánchez Media & Communications

Karina is originally from Mexico. She graduated from UWC-USA in 2013 and completed her studies in International Business at the University of North Carolina. She is currently based in Dublin, Ireland, working in marketing for Facebook. She is interested in youth development and is an active member of the UWC Irish National Committee. She loves dancing, singing and playing volleyball.

Imane Maghrani Welfare Coordinator

Imane is originally from Morocco, but was born and raised in the Netherlands. She currently lives in London and works for a youth charity that empowers young people to live, learn and earn to the fullest of their potential. She previously studied World Politics and Global Justice as well as Global Migration, was a participant in Together for Development in 2011-2012 and was a facilitator in 2018-2019. Imane loves being surrounded by music, books and food, and is most passionate about people, being inspired by them andsupporting them to live their best lives. One of her favourite things is discussing a good idea, and if that can be done over some food… even better!

Neliso Mazibuko Logistics Coordinator

Neliso is a law student at the University of eSwatini. He was a participant in the 2017-2018 edition of Together for Development, and is excited to share the experience with others. He is the co-founder of eSwatini Youth Information, an organisation that empowers young people through skills and information training, and has worked with  community organisations, including FLAS, the Municipal council of Mbabane, YALF and HOOP. He enjoys dancing, food, traveling, and youth involvement.

Thandolwethu Mamba Logistics Coordinator

Thandolwethu Mamba is Music and Biochemistry student at Duke University. He is a 2016 UWC Dilijan alumnus and has since enjoyed contributing to the growth of the UWC movement. He is excited to go back to his home country of eSwatini to once again be a part of the Together for Development Short Course. Thando enjoys singing opera and musical theatre, playing piano as well as doing research in his Plant and Molecular Biology lab on Duke’s campus. He is also an avid sports fan, particularly football (soccer) and basketball.