The team’s all here!

Sawubona from Swaziland, from the beautiful Waterford Kahmlaba campus. After a cold and foggy evening yesterday, the sun came out in full force this morning. The campus is now covered in a lush layer of green foliage, and looks absolutely breathtaking.

All the coordinators and volunteers have finally arrived on campus and are busy setting up, eagerly awaiting our participants’ arrival. Coordinators have flown in from across the globe–from London to India, Germany to Mozambique. We’ve been exploring campus, from the amphitheater and the Energy Hub to the swimming pool and the football field, picturesquely situated at the base of a ring of hills. We’ve moved into the dorm, and it’s already starting to feel like home.

In addition to setting up rooms for classes and activities, we’ve been working on setting expectations for the course. We’re running this course because we truly believe in the power of young people to make meaningful change in the world. So we’re designing expectations to ensure we’re giving them the tools they need to be effective change-makers.

All of us had our lives changed profoundly by UWC, and we’re eager to share that experience with others. So we couldn’t be more excited to meet our participants! Every single one has been carefully selected from a very strong and diverse pool of applicants and brings something unique to the table. Our hope for them is that they find a community of like-minded people who care as much about making a positive difference in the world as they do. 

It’s surprisingly cold in Swaziland tonight, but we’ve got a warm fire going, and plenty of laughter and excitement to keep us cozy. We can’t wait to share it with the whole group in a few days.