Time to say goodbye

And so it finally comes to an end. This incredible journey we’ve been on together is winding down to a close. We’ve spent two weeks completely immersed in each other’s company, learning from each other, laughing together, singing together, and finally today, crying together.

We ended where we started—with a Dialogue session. Once again, we opened our hearts to each other, reflecting on what we’ve learned and how we’ve grown. Once again, there were tears and group hugs, and unrelenting support. We ended the session giving each other personal wishes, and it’s amazing how well we learned each other’s’ hopes, ambitions, and weaknesses in just two weeks.

And then there was graduation. It was a truly joyous occasion, filled with music and memories. Stephen Lowry, the principal of Waterford Kamhlaba was our guest speaker and offered gracious advice to our graduates. But it was our student speakers, Kenya and Neliso, who stole the show. They were witty, moving, eloquent, and insightful, and reminded us how much we have to be grateful for. They recounted everything we’ve been through, the experiences we’ve had together, and reminded us just how profound this journey has been.

Each of the umbrella group leaders graduated their students, saying a few appreciative words about each one and presenting them with a certificate.  The groups have met for an hour or more a day every day for the last 2 weeks, so they’re like mini-families within our larger family.

We made a video for graduation, with some of our best memories from the short course. Here’s a look at the wonderful time we had.

So here is where the blog must end for now. A personal note from your loyal blog lady—thank you for reading along! I’ve had the luck of being able to relive every day while writing this blog, and it has made the short course all the more special for me. This course has truly reinforced my belief in the power of young people, and I can’t wait to see this blog active again when the next batch of students starts the process.