Together through Corona- Namibia

As a global community and a proponent of nations working together, Together for Development will be sharing pieces, videos, art, media from our prior participants and coordinators around the world to learn about the quarantine situations in each country. Our hope is share that although confined, we’re not alone. We can support each other, give each other ideas, or simply become an outlet of expression. 

Today we hear from a prior participant of TDF 2019, Nelly Nelao

2 months into university my dream place a whole first year, I am told I have to go home. The very same day I am told I have exactly 24 hours to pack everything I need and leave the hostel and mind you I am a four hours drive away from home. I didn’t feel that bad, however I felt for my friends who stay 10 and more hours from the university. Some of their families didn’t have enough money in order to pay transport for them to go home, but that didn’t count– they still had to leave. It was truly sad, but they managed. We had to leave Windhoek or else we would be stuck there as the city was going on a lock down.

At that moment Namibia only had 2 cases–that’s how serious the Namibian government was in lessening the spread of covid-19. Sooner than thought the country was at 6 cases and schools were closed, universities are offering online classes, people stop going to work, everyone was wearing masks as well as hand gloves, hand sanitisers are out of stock and two regions are on lock down.

It all happened so fast and now we are at 11 cases and the whole country is on a lock Down . People have to stay at home and you need a pass to be seen going into the streets or else you might earn yourself a fine. It unfortunate that a few people are not following the lock down rule however with the police on the streets we see the law breakers becoming fewer and fewer.

To date only health workers and police officers are mostly seen outside. I am honestly happy that most Namibians are staying at home for the nurse, doctors and all health works and helping the government in mitigating the spread of covid-19. I sincerely hope that a cure will be found soon and we can all go back to our normal lives.