Music! Dance! Culture!
January 11, 2018

We woke up today to a delicious sweet smell wafting from the dining hall. The group in charge of breakfast made us French toast! We have a superb and…

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Youth Activism
January 10, 2018

We’ve spent this course learning about the fundamentals of development and acquiring the tools to make the world better. It’s finally time to start putting our learning into action….

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We’re back!
January 9, 2018

Today was like a reunion. We all came back from our various community stays and you would have thought we hadn’t seen each other for years! There were group…

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Arts and Development Day
January 6, 2018

Participants dragged themselves of the bed, still weary from the hike, to find that today was Arts and Development Day. It was a day of drama and theatrics, arts…

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The group goes hiking
January 5, 2018

Today was either everyone’s favorite or least favorite day. We went hiking out in Malolotja Nature Reserve, and for some it was the most incredible experience of the course, while…

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The campus was particularly lush and green today; a perfect day to study the environment. We started off breakfast with a particularly ambitious student-made fruit salad—with apples, peaches, mangoes,…

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Gender and Development Day
January 3, 2018

We had a special treat for breakfast today—pancakes, made especially for us by one of our student teams. They spent last evening prepping and woke up extra early to…

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The group goes off-campus
January 2, 2018

The fog descended overnight, and we awoke to find a heavy curtain covering the campus. We huddled tight into a bunch of kombis and headed off for Manzini. Luckily…

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Economic Development Day
January 1, 2018

We had a later start to the day, to let some of last night’s revelry wear off. It was a beautiful sunny morning, so we spent the morning activity…

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Happy New Year!
December 31, 2017

We walked out onto the field today to find a wild commotion, and our very polite participant from Angola, Isaac, walking around saying, “please, I am a chicken.” He…

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Speaking from the heart
December 30, 2017

After last night’s thunderstorm, we woke up this morning to the delicious smell of damp earth and growing things. We started our day with a session on the history…

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A thunderous welcome!
December 29, 2017

It’s been a long and exciting day here at Together for Development, as groups of participants have been trickling on to campus. And the heavens have opened up and…

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The finishing touches
December 28, 2017

One more day until everyone arrives and we’re putting the finishing touches on our program. We have a really jam-packed and thought-provoking set of sessions planned, covering questions like:Why…

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The team’s all here!
December 27, 2017

Sawubona from Swaziland, from the beautiful Waterford Kahmlaba campus. After a cold and foggy evening yesterday, the sun came out in full force this morning. The campus is now…

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